Hi, and welcome to shaym.in!! It's a Pokémon! I'm Alice! I'm 29 and live in Australia. My primary interests are neuroscience (many fields), literature, and philosophy. You might know me from various Pokémon websites or the online mafia community, though.

I've had this site since 2009, and don't plan to stop any time soon. Its purpose has changed a lot—over the years, I've hosted forums, online mafia games, fanlistings and shrines, a personal blog, small programs, and a lot of files for online communities—but I really hope to have interesting and up-to-date content on here in the future, since most of that's no longer live.

My site email ('alice , then put the email symbol, then shaym.in') remains the most reliable point of contact, either way. I am completely unavailable from time to time, but I read and reply to emails when possible.

My plans to update this site are a little bit on hold due to personal circumstances (illness), so I apologise if this website doesn't work for you. Please let me know if it is causing you serious issues, though (e.g. animated GIF usage).